Mark Leavitt

Real Estate Agent

Mark Leavitt Mark obtained his Real Estate License in April of 2018, and is transitioning over from 14 years of working a tour guid on large group tours. During these past years he has learned just how to work with all types of people and truly give people the best experience possible.


Mark was born and raised in Colorado and has seen the ever changing landscape of the real estate market. This entails understanding that every town and city in this state is different with vastly changing markets, even within neighborhoods.

Mark Leavitt has the inside scoop and network of real estate professionals to help you find that perfect property. Contact Mark Leavitt today and let him become part of your Colorado Real Estate team.

Contact Details

Contact Mark Leavitt, and see what he can do for you! No matter what part of Colorado you are looking to move to, he will be happy to advice you on how to go about looking for the perfect property you are looking for.




Working Experience

Since 2001 Mark has gone from helping building new homes in Northern Colorado to helping you buy or sell your property.

Working under contractors, and then into lumber yards he has seen the growth of homes and how construction change over recent years.

In the last 5 years he has transitioned his passion for real estate into a career.

He loves helping other achieve there goals in investments, and in home purchases.

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